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  • Revised Fall Schedule

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Barnum Bucks

Steer your way into savings! Ask the Ticket Agents at each terminal or dock about Barnum Bucks and "Sea" the Perks. If you already have Barnum Bucks you can use them here to Reserve Your Tickets Online.

Barnum Bucks are pre paid ferry debit cards. Purchased in amounts of $200.00 or more are eligible for more Barnum Bucks! Please refer to the chart below for the details.

The card can be used for any ticket type – it is available for all ticketing transactions
        1. You can use it for addons like EOEO
        2. It covers Peak Rates
        3. Drive Up Rates are waived
You can use it online, the call center or in person at the terminal
Offers Bonus Bucks for saving on larger purchases
        1. If you know you will be riding for at least 2 round trips (see below)
        2. Even higher discounts if you know you will be riding at least 4 round trips (see below)
Give it as a present or gift – its transferable
Send it to Students that travel back and forth across the sound to get home from school
Hand them out to employees that travel back and forth to monitor costs and activity


Pay Receive Barnum Bucks
$50.00 $50.00  - 
$100.00 $100.00  -
$150.00 $150.00  -
$200.00 $210.00  5%
$300.00 $315.00  5%
$400.00 $440.00  10%
$500.00 $550.00  10%
$600.00 $660.00  10%
$700.00 $770.00  10%
$800.00 $880.00  10%
$900.00 $990.00  10%
$1000.00 $1100.00  10%

Looking For gift Ideas? How about our lower denomination cards of up to $150.00.