Covid - 19 - Attention All Passengers

The Bridgeport and Port Jefferson Steamboat Company is fully invested in the safety of our employees and of our customers. We are diligently preparing to maximize our response to the coronavirus situation; please know that we all share the same concerns.


We ask that customers socially distance and use a face covering when moving about the vessel

Passengers who feel more comfortable staying in their vehicles while crossing Long Island Sound are permitted to do so. Please be advised that federal regulations require that the engines of all vehicles must be turned off while the vessel is underway. Thank you for your cooperation.

Our current protocols include:

  • Increasing the number of personnel responsible for cleaning and sanitizing our vessels
  • Increasing the number of personnel responsible for cleaning and sanitizing our terminals
  • Sourcing and providing supplies for hand sanitation both afloat and ashore
  • Sourcing and employing appropriate disinfecting products

We will closely monitor the recommendations of all federal, state and local health authorities and will endeavor to implement their recommendations as soon as practicable. At the present time, the recommendation most frequently cited is hand washing frequently and thoroughly. Our company endorses and encourages our employees and our customers to commit to this highly-effective practice.

If you need more information about coronavirus, we suggest that you access the Centers for Disease Control. Their website is

We value all of our customers and we look forward to seeing you on your next crossing.

Kind Regards,

Our Management, Staff and Crews